Therapeutic Canine Massage

Therapeutic bodywork is an approach that promotes physical and behavioral balance which allows the body to recharge, heal, relax and thrive.


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Aqua Therapy + Swimming

South Paw Massage & Wellness provides life jackets and other flotation aids if your dog needs to use them. Your dog will be supervised and/or assisted by a trained swim coach throughout his/her swim to ensure he/she has a safe experience. There will be appropriate rest times during each swim. Water toys are allowed for fetching and encouraging, however we do not allow dogs to jump in the pool. To prevent injury, the swim coach controls your dog’s entering and exiting the pool.

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Geriatric Care

We offer tailored plans focusing on improving the quality of life and comfort for your dog. We like to encourage a proactive, prevention and controlled approach. Getting older and achy is sometimes stressful for the pet and the pet-parent. Our methods might include: massage, passive exercise, enrichment for the elderly, tips on how to make your elder dog feel more comfortable.

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Board Certified Canine Bodywork Practitioners in Florida

We are committed to providing your pet with exceptional service that focuses on their total health and happiness. Our goal is to enhance the overall well-being, quality of life and comfort that your pet deserves.


Every Dog is Family.

The power and healing of massage and bodywork for our animal companions is the vision and mission of South Paw Massage and Wellness. Book today with a professional therapist and put a new smile on your Furr-Friend!