Our Approach


Professional canine massage and physiotherapy are important elements of a complete wellness program. Whether you have an elderly dog, an athlete, a show dog, or simply a beloved canine companion, massage and bodywork treatments restore, maintain and enhances your dogs' overall physical and emotional well being.

Our Story


Dogs and cats may need bodywork therapy for any number of reasons. Patients include those who have undergone surgery, patients with injuries for which surgery is not indicated, elderly patients with mobility issues, patients with diseases of the nervous system, dogs with abnormal conformations and working and sporting dogs with their unique injuries and needs. Massage also prevents injury, helps with anxiety, builds confidence and feels oh so good!


Our team is fully trained, insured and held to the highest standards in the Animal Bodywork Industry. We are recognized and affiliated with many Animal Associations and Boards Internationally. Our continued education is never ending. We want to provide the best for our pets.

We use a variety of tailored and specific physical medicine and techniques to restore maximal function and relieve pain. These might involve: Massage therapy, active exercises, passive range of motion exercises, wheelchairs or other support equipment, water therapy, hot/cold therapy and more.


Alicia Viola


Alicia has been a Licensed Human Massage Therapist since 2009, she started practicing on small animals in 2007. She quickly realized how in-tune animals were to the power of touch and energy. She became a Certified Reiki Master and Certified in Canine Reflexology and admits that animals respond better than humans. From experience and the love of animals she continues to learn about different therapies that our pet's benefit from just as we do. "I started with small animals, then worked on humans in medical offices, and couldn't help but return and give my full attention to animals. Animal bodywork therapy is a rapidly growing industry and currently stands where human massage was about 20 years ago. You will soon find Animal bodywork Therapy also apart of all medical clinics, just like human bodywork therapy."
-Alicia Viola

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Stacy Litzky


The Chicago School of Canine Massage - Advanced Canine Massage Career Program and Certification.
Hands on training in Swedish, Sports, Advanced Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release (both Direct and Indirect). Extensive knowledge of canine anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and various massage therapies. Advanced training in palpation techniques in order to enable her hands to locate and identify the muscle groups encapsulating the pain and any potential soft tissue injuries. Stacy also vast hands-on experience in trigger point, lymphatic, relaxation, and passive range of motion therapies.

​"I am honored to provide this service to our pet pal's to bring forth comfort, improve quality of life and overall well-being. Best friends deserve the best care! This is a much needed service for the pet-pals in our community and throughout the world."
- Stacy Litzky

Team Training includes:

Rehabilitation and Laser Therapy, Spinal Health, Aqua Therapy, Muscle and Ligament Strengthening and Stretching using manual techniques, Evaluation of Lumps and Bumps, Evaluation of Lymph nodes.


Resa Toeller

Swim Professional & Coach

Resa believes swimming is a sport and a family event for all ages of dogs as well as owners. It builds a trust relationship and there is often water found in community events. Resa has taught a vast number of private and group swim lessons and brings a wealth of experience having coached furry-friends at all levels from beginners to more advanced. She has a strong desire to see animals gain their confidence in the water. Resa truly desires to have your fur friend become the best swimmer and the most comfortable they can become while rehabilitating any injuries or weakness that might have prevented them from being comfortable in the aquatic environment originally. We love to explore, how much more so do our friends!




Rochelle Therien


Rochelle is a Canine Manual Therapist who is skilled in using her hand for passive movements of joints and soft tissues intended to improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion; induce relaxation; mobilize or manipulate soft tissue and joints.Specifically her training has helped modulate pain and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation and restriction.

Ways to show compassion?

Schedule clinical canine massage therapy for your loved one today. Strength & Balance therapy are additional services beneficial to many seeking caring treatment for their Fur-Friends.