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My Avena always enjoys her massage with Alicia. She's almost 10 and has a few aches and pains but Alicia works them out. She loves the fact that someone comes to the door to visit her and gives her the undivided attention she deserves. I am so glad I can give this special treat to my sweet girl.   -Cathy

When I first met Stacey, my yellow lab (Tanner) was having problems standing up by himself and walking due to arthritis. As he was too heavy for me to lift, I had a serious problem and did not want him to suffer. I saw Stacey's brochure at the vet's office (Live Oak) and decided to try massage as a last resort. Even after the first session, there was an improvement and as he continued to have massages, he was able to manage his arthritis and loved going for walks and once again enjoyed life. He passed away recently due to acute kidney failure, but thanks to Stacey his last year was a happy one. Thank you, Stacey. Jacki