Love Animal Heart

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Therapy

(by appointment only by one of our Certified Canine Massage Therapists)

Therapeutic bodywork is an approach that promotes physical and behavioral balance which allows the body to recharge, heal, relax and thrive.

We are committed to providing your pet with exceptional service that focuses on their total health and happiness. Our goal here is to enhance the overall well-being, quality of life and comfort that your pet deserves.

This Therapy will enhance mind and body ability, reduce joint and muscle pain, prevent, or heal injury, restore function, provide comfort and so much more.

Since 2015, we have helped pets overcome fears and gain confidence, heal from injuries and aliments such as ligament/muscle, disc/disease, luxating patella’s, neurological and more. Some of our modalities include Manual Muscular Therapy, Range of motion, Trigger Point Therapy, Active/Static Stretching, Myofascial Release, Cryotherapy, Strengthening Exercise Techniques and more.

Enriching the quality of life for our pets is the best thing we can do. We are happy to share our specialized knowledge, and our learning is never ending. Our greatest accomplishment is the result of smiling faces and wagging tails…for longer.

Before your pet’s first Therapy appointment, you will need to complete one form that you will find on the website, under the “forms” tab.


Therapy Fee Schedule

  • 20 minute relaxation (offered in-office or at PawPrints only) $25
  • In-office Session $55
  • At-home Session $70
  • Additional travel fee may apply if you live out of Indian River County.
  • Monthly membership package, 12 Sessions – Save 5%.


Canine Nutrition

Our canines have been with us through it all and it is important for us to be there for them. This includes their health and nutrition. Our trained and experienced experts have the knowledge you need to help provide the best diet for your dog including supplements, vitamins, wellness suggestions and fitness routines specialized for your animal friend.

swimming photo

Aqua Therapy + Swimming

Swim sessions are offered every Wednesday and Saturday. Swim sessions are either by appointment, or while your dog is at daycare.  Before your first swim, you will need to  complete one form that you will find on the website, under the “forms” tab.

Swimming is a great enriching skill to practice.

If your dog has never been swimming or is afraid of the water, it is a great confident building skill to learn. Our swim lessons have a 90% success rate, with an average of 6 consecutive lessons.

Swimming is a low impact exercise that dogs can benefit from and enjoy, from puppy thru geriatric stages.

Water safety and proper introduction can be life-saving.

Dogs and their humans have a fun, new and positive experience whether swimming alone or with Furiend(s).


South Paw Massage & Wellness provides everything from life jackets and flotation aids to ear cleanings. Your dog will be supervised and/or assisted by a trained swim coach throughout his/her swim to ensure he/she has a safe experience. There will be appropriate rest times during each swim. Water toys are allowed for fetching and encouraging.

 You are welcome to sit along the side and encourage your dog while he/she swims. There will be splashing and wet wagging tails, wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to possibly get wet. Children are not permitted to enter the pool.

If your dog has recently had surgery, South Paw Massage & Wellness will need a consent form from your dogs surgeon clearing them for swim.


Swim Fee Schedule:

Swimming Package
Packages must be used once per week and you can use several times a week too!
Buy 9 get 1 free - $225

  • Lessons and open swim $25
  • Assisted Therapy Swim $35
  • Ear Cleaning starting at $8
  • After Swim Bath and Dry (must be requested in advance) starting at $30

Birthday Pool Pawties or Island Pond Pawties: please inquire!

Other Great Things We Do:

Geriatric Care and Wellness

We offer tailored plans focusing on improving the quality of life and comfort for your dog. We like to encourage a proactive, prevention and controlled approach. Getting older and achy is sometimes stressful for the pet and the pet-parent. Our methods might include: massage, passive exercise, enrichment for the elderly, tips on how to make your elder dog feel more comfortable.

Wheelchair fitting as well as rentals are available. We also offer animal introduction service into wheelchairs.

Mental Stimulation & Enrichment

Exercising your dogs mind is just as important as physical exercise. Mental stimulation is beneficial for dogs of all ages, especially the anxious, nervous or fearful pets.

Trust Building Socialization & Communication For All Dogs

Positive human-bond experiences is essential for healthy development. Pets that benefit from this service include: Puppies Fearful dogs Anxious dogs Shy dogs, and Rescue Dogs We use counter conditioning positive reinforcement methods to help pets gain confidence and trust humans and socialize better. More importantly we teach pet-parents how to communicate and understand their pets needs.


All dogs must pass the Socialization Interview which is $40

We offer daycare 6-days a week from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM! Your furry baby will enjoy all-day fun with their friends!

Early drop-off / Late pick-up can be accommodated with advance notice and an additional convenience fee.

Pet Chauffeur option to/from our facility is available for additional fee, please inquire.

petsitting photo

Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting Division provides In-your-home or In-our-home pet care service, from pop-ins to overnights. We treat your pet like our own and can accommodate “special needs” and “geriatric” pets.

We tailor our services to your dogs specific needs and normal routine. (Examples include but not limited to: Exercise, playtime, companionship, mental stimulation, etc.)

We offer complimentary meet and greets. Our goal is to satisfy your pet’s need and your happiness. We want our pet-parents feeling comfortable and worry free by keeping their pets and homes safe and in good hands. Our staff is Insured, First Aid & Pet CPR Certified.

Please call or email us for a pet-sitting fee schedule.


All dogs must pass the Socialization Interview which is $40

Dogs are happiest when they have friends in open spaces where they can play.


This is why we have five acres of land with four fenced-in play yards for your puppy. Your baby will be in a residential setting with couches, chairs, and mattresses similar to home where they lounge and relax during rest time. The final ingredient in making your pets stay a delightful experience is our well-trained and attentive staff, who focus on meeting your baby's every need. At Vero Beach Canine Country Club, you’re not dropping your dog off at a kennel, you're giving them a vacation.

We are a Kennel-Free, Open-Boarding facility. Your furbaby will enjoy playing with their friends during the day and sleep safe and sound at night with a 24-hour attendant.

Drop off/pick up anytime during business hours.
Full day daycare fee applies for pick up after 12pm.

All boarding options include daycare play.

Pet Chauffeur option to/from our facility is available for additional fee, please inquire.

Open-Boarding Fee Schedule:

  • 1st dog per night $45
  • 2nd dog per night $40
  • Puppies under 6 months, and
    pets not spayed/neutered, per night $49

Private Suite Guest

All private room guests get their own Pet Care Specialist to care for them. When you book a Private Room you are welcome and encouraged to bring their own bedding toys and treats. Anything to make them feel at home. They will have the option for daycare or private yard time.

1st dog per night: season (Nov-May) $85 / off-season (June-Oct) $65
2nd dog per night $75 / $55

Private Suite Guest with
personal overnight butler

This premium option allows your pet to sleep in the private room, or on the bed with the overnight attendant. And LOTS of cuddles!
(includes 1 nature walk per day and brushing)

A la Carte Nature Hike

Nature Walks can be added on during your dogs stay. They will enjoy an enriching walk around the beautiful 5-acre property led by one of our pet care specialist..

  • 15-25 minutes $15

Spa & Salon

Short Hair Bath Services
Starting prices:

  • Small/Medium dog 0-40 lbs. $30-40
  • Large dog 41-80 $40-50
  • Extra large dog 81+ $60-70

Service includes nail trim, ear cleaning

Medium & Long Hair Bath Services
Starting prices:

  • Small dog 0-20 lbs. $35-45
  • Medium dog 21-40 lbs. $40-50
  • Large dog 41-80 lbs. $50-60
  • Extra large dog 81+ lbs. $65-75
    Service includes brush-out, nail trim,
    ear cleaning

A La Carte Pawdicure Services

  • Coat Brushing starting at $10
  • Nail Trim (clip or dremal) $15
  • Teeth Brush $10
  • Ear Clean $10
  • Medicated Ear Clean $12
  • Dry Shampoo $8
  • Paw Balm $5

For full Grooming / Clipping Services
Please Contact our In-house Groomer

Gift Certificates Available!

“Best FURiends deserve the BEST care!”

Contact us with any questions you may have!