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Therapeutic Canine Massage

Therapeutic bodywork is an approach that promotes physical and behavioral balance which allows the body to recharge, heal, relax and thrive.

We are committed to providing your pet with exceptional service that focuses on their total health and happiness. Our goal is to enhance the overall well-being, quality of life and comfort that your pet deserves.

Canine Athlete Fitness and Massage

This therapy can enhance athletic performance & aids in the prevention of injuries. Not surprisingly for these athletic dogs these treatments increase mobility & flexibility.

Relaxation Massage

Hyperactive furr-friends need time to cool off their nervous system just like us. A professional caring hand can be needed. A relaxation massage for your loved one can not only boost the immune system but works to increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.

Physical Therapy

Rejuvenation of a dog's ability to walk, socialize and to be a puppy again is a big part of what we accomplish here at South Paw Massage and Wellness. Our goal in physical therapy is to reduce lameness and to ease joint or muscle pain for your furr-friend.


Aqua Therapy + Swimming Training

All swim sessions are by appointment only. Before your first swim, you will need to  complete one form that you will find on the website about you and your dog. Use the online form before the lesson with any specifics we can address during the lesson. SPMW requires that your dog is current on his/her rabies vaccination.



Open-Swim Sessions are recommended for experienced swimmers and dogs that are familiar with a pool. Open-Swim Sessions are also used to “introduce” your dog or puppy to a pool, though we do not force dogs to swim. A full swim-training session will be recommended, if needed.


South Paw Massage & Wellness provides life jackets and other flotation aids if your dog needs to use them. Your dog will be supervised and/or assisted by a trained swim coach throughout his/her swim to ensure he/she has a safe experience. There will be appropriate rest times during each swim. Water toys are allowed for fetching and encouraging, however we do not allow dogs to jump in the pool. To prevent injury, the swim coach controls your dog’s entering and exiting the pool.

 You do not have to be present during swim time. You are welcome to sit along the side and encourage your dog while he/she swims. There will be splashing and wet wagging tails, wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to possibly get wet. Children are not permitted to enter the pool.

If your dog has recently had surgery, South Paw Massage & Wellness will need a consent form from your dogs surgeon clearing them for swim.

 There is a rinse and dry station available for your use. You have the option to rinse your dog with fresh water in the rinse station. There will be towels provided for your use as well as a doggy blow dryer. There is a ‘full bath” or “blow out” option provided by staff members for an additional charge.


Range of Motion Therapy

We provide passive manual ROM to improve/maintain flexibility and muscle tone. ROM also helps prevent scar tissue build-up and arthritis.

Canine Stretch

Spinal health, muscle flexibility, joint health. Static Stretching Active Isolated Stretching Myofascial Release and more

Hot / Cold Therapy

Hot/cold therapy is beneficial for the pet recovering from injury, dogs with neurological issues, and relaxation.

Care for the Senior or Geriatric Dog

We offer tailored plans focusing on improving the quality of life and comfort for your dog. We like to encourage a proactive, prevention and controlled approach. Getting older and achy is sometimes stressful for the pet and the pet-parent. Our methods might include: massage, passive exercise, enrichment for the elderly, tips on how to make your elder dog feel more comfortable.

Additional Services

Wheelchair fitting as well as rentals are available. We also offer animal introduction service into wheelchairs.

Mental Stimulation & Enrichment

Exercising your dogs mind is just as important as physical exercise. Mental stimulation is beneficial for dogs of all ages, especially the anxious, nervous or fearful pets.

Trigger Point Therapy

TPT is an advanced manual technique that controls muscular pain and referring pain. We usually observe TP's in hyper-irritable or hyper-sensitive dogs.

Trust Building Socialization & Communication

Positive human-bond experiences is essential for healthy development. Pets that benefit from this service include: Puppies Fearful dogs Anxious dogs Shy dogs Rescue Dogs We use counter conditioning positive reinforcement methods to help pets gain confidence and trust humans and socialize better. More importantly we teach pet-parents how to communicate and understand their pets needs.

Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting Division provides in-your-home pet care service. We treat your pet like our own and are able to accommodate “special needs” and “geriatric” pets.

We tailor our services to your dogs specific needs and normal routine. (Examples include but not limited to: Exercise, playtime, companionship, mental stimulation, etc.)

We offer complimentary meet and greets. Our goal is to satisfy your pet’s need and your happiness. We want our pet-parents feeling comfortable and worry free by keeping their pets and homes safe and in good hands. Our staff is Insured and First Aid & Pet CPR Certified.

“Best FURiends deserve the BEST care!”